what a fool I was; 

i exposed 

the depths of my soul to you 

on dreary cloudless nights

when the moon was high 

and the only thing 

worth listening to 

was the soft rumble 

of your laughter and 

the quiet echo of your thoughts 

that dripped melancholic emotions. 

in a way,

i was eager to hear my name 

in your mouth and listen to 

the way 

you annunciated every letter and syllable. 

i was a fool to watch 

the way the lights 

would reflect in your mocha irises

and made me wonder 

about the meaning 

of happiness and 

the connotation of the word 


because that night, the moon had 

a very intense competition

between its own brightness 

and the smile on your lips that 

radiated and blossomed with an emotion 

that I hope only 

angels can feel. 

but looking back, it was not

the first time I had seen that 

same look trapped in your eyes. 

I had seen it in my own galaxies;

many eons ago, 

when a blossoming star

was killed by millions of years of 

fuel that kept me alive

burning and finally extinguishing, 

causing my core to collapse 

and eventually explode. 

the aftermath making it possible for anyone 

to lure me in with kind gestures 

and heartwarming words. 

I sincerely hope you realize 

your own self worth

and forbid yourself from 

letting another human being 

to have the right to 

give you their opinion of 

the things that do not matter. 

i sincerely hope that 

you do not follow in my footsteps

that strayed from the path 

that lead to happiness; 

the footsteps that inevitably arrived 

to a world that only held 

sorrow and self hatred. 

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Our world
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