Fooled Me Once

So tell me how you froze your words into ice

Tell me how you can change so suddenly after all this time

Better yet, tell me anything, tell me what's on your mind

Because I haven't heard from you in days

And I cant figure out why


Are you scared? Are you shy? Or do you really not care?

I'm searching for answers, I'm grasping for air

I can't live without you, don't ay that we're through

I've etched your name into the back of my mind

You're the only thing that won't fade with the passing of time


Was it fake? Are you really so convincing?

Do you really find pleasure in a naive girl believing?

Blurry lines, I will never know whats real or whats deceit

Is it easier to have your way when you break me to pieces?


I've watched you break a thousand hearts

I swore that would never be me

But now that you've played me in your game

I see I'm no excpetion

I've fallen into your pile of embers, of burnt out fireworks

And we'll all fade out together

And watch you turn away


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