Food Revolution

My back patio is filled with color

and these pots are more than leaves and dirt

Farmers have been bought, just working for the dollar

while Americans are guinea pigs, unaware we are being hurt


Banned by Germany, Italy, and Hungary,

get Monsanto out of the FDA and USDA

A company specializing in agricultural biotechnology

is poisoning Americas food with the governments okay


Genetically modified organisms have filled the grocery stores

and without the requirement for a GMO label no one knows

Only a few studies have been done but the animals used are a sight of gore,

deformed calves and tumors on rats, this is why my garden grows


This consumer society would rather pay the doctor than the farmer

and if something does not change by the time I graduate college

the hospital I work in will be packed with victims of the harmer

I have the right to know what is in my food but the FDA is hiding that knowledge


Mass production and money are their answers

and Monsanto owns most of America's food sources

They are curing hunger with various cancers

while mainstream media ignores the corpses


My garden is not big and I have little space

but these vegetables are a step towards the solution

By growing my own and purchasing non GMO I spit in Monsanto's face

You need to wake up America, it is time for a revolution!



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