Follow Me Into The Darkness

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 14:38 -- Souls

Follow me into the Dark.

Follow me into my World, Where it is so cold that even my heart is frost bit.

Follow me onto this Road where all the secrets lie and you'll drown in your fears in beg for life.

Hold my hand don't cry oh know we must not shedd a tear.

For if you look back all your worst history is here, don't miss a step, you got to get it right.

Follow me where theres hell in fire but no light.

Follow me to the edge, One sharp move in you'll lose a head.

Follow me and hide behind this wall where feelings are kept.

Let me lead you to where pain in your thoughts are sweapt.

Sweapt up by your contradictin conscience of love in hate.

Follow me where there are greedy people and food lies but know one has a plate.

Follow me day by day as i suck you into my shawdow of faith.

Follow me into my misery and my greatest mistake for where you will be the blame for all my troubles today.

Follow me for i will be the same each day.

Take my hand and dance with me as i never change.

Let our emotions grow like vines on a dead tree.

Let our tongues intwine so Lifeless so cold and with depth.

Let our dien sorrows just pour, as our insides mope and sink.

Lets us give up on hope, and light the torch but with no light.

Take a bow as oxygen slowly slip through your wind pipes and you begin to choke.

Still Holdin on and singing to the corpse bride.

Lets us cross the street in live on the hill where grass does not grow.

Lets race against the sun Light which you taught me to kill.

So come on let us sing to the corpse bride.


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