Sun, 07/19/2015 - 03:36 -- Soulae
You going through life?
let life go through you, 
Let reality take every superficial act that lives on your personality, don't complain, 
don't play the victim, just take some responsibility,
Cause tell me this, 
how you gon grow if you never struggle, 
how you gon reach your highest potential without failure,
I know your not a failure but we all gotta fall and be down to know what it feels like to get up, I know your scared of real life, 
I know your scared of change, 
I know your scared to be an adult, 
who's not, but what do you want, 
I know you got dreams, 
I know you have an imagination beyond your circumstances, 
I know you see what you wanna be, 
but what's stopping you, is it that your too comfortable in your comfort zone, 
your investing in other people and have no clue who you are, 
who are you?
I can sense your hearts size, 
I can sense your hunger but you hide it under your pride, why? 
Why are you so prideful, 
why are you so stingy with yourself, 
why can't you be honest and say how feel, what the hell do you want? 
Whatever it is I just wish you go for it, and stop wasting your time cause sooner than you know it, 
it'll be too late and your life will be over with so whatever you want do it now, 
don't wait for the right time cause you'll never be able to tell. 
Follow your heart.
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