The Fog That Hides What's Inside


Alexis. That is my name. 

Many know it.

Few get to know me past it. 

Shy, quiet, smart is all they see. 

Though one cannot blame them.

Those three are all they are allowed to percieve. 

You see, I have this problem.

There is this cloudy wall between what I am,

and what people think I might be. 

The wall is like a dam,

holding back the person I wish people could see. 

I am so much more than an average girl. 

My love of music is a secret to strangers, 

and keeps my soul alive.

The obsession I have with shows called Doctor Who

and Supernatural could be seen as insanity.

I hide these things behind my wall for fear of judgment.

I hide my secrets because chaos is all sharing them would cause.

People always seem to leave,

and each time they seem to take a piece of me.

I have so much fear because I don't want to give all of myself away.

I save my thoughts and I am slow to trust.

Then when I feel I can trust you the dam seems to disappear. 

The curtian opens and everything that makes me the person I am

comes pouring down onto you.

Vulnerability from me and acceptance from you.

A friendship is formed and only them does someone know me for me.



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