Focus Misdirected

Focus Misdirected 


They won’t like me

they don’t care 

they look upon my person 

and see nothing 

as if I am not there. 


The fear of rejection

 looms over my head 

each time I try 

to apply




Why bother? 

Why give at all? 

When I take a step 

toward my dreams

 I feel sure Ill fall.


No matter 

that I 

accomplish all I set out to achieve, no matter 

my gifts

the talents I hold up my sleeve. 

What does that matter... 

if they don’t see.


The often times 

I think these things 

I force myself to remember. 

It wasn’t until 

Jesus rose from the dead


people could truly see

 all he was meant to be.


Many disregard Him still, 


 He was not good enough 

for the prophecy


came to fulfill.


What pressure

to show others

 that you

 are their only hope. 

Their bread and butter 


(Well; lamb rather, 

but anyway)


Everyone saw the river baptismal but no one heard 

the secret conversations 

he had with his father 

in the early mornings.

It was in these times 

that God 



and passion 

into His Son 


the crowds adored him 

and the World 

was won.


Before they 

came from near 

and far

 he stood in the dark 



that their eyes may see

 and their ears may hear 

what The Father has said through the Son.


am no ones Messiah, 

I fall far short of Christ. 



I know

 the plans God has for me, 

I’ve written the vision 

I see it clear. 


will accomplish 


his purposes for me 

even if 

they do not see

 the worth

 that he has placed in me. 



what truly matters 

is that

 I hear him say good job, 

well done. 


What truly matters 

is that

 I follow the example 

of His Son.


I’m no longer afraid 

of what they will say or do. 

I know who I am.


God has shown me the truth.

Be encouraged today

to be what you were created to be. 


And when they see,


Let them see.


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