Focus on Every Blossom

Focus on Every Blossom

By: Hannah 


The strife of life tends to take up all our time

war, crime and everything that is sublime

we place our hands on the trigger

target our neighbores

become their grave diggers

all for the sake of giving ourselves a break

What happened to the sympathy of others mistakes?

We hold on to the glass of water

half empty we think, half empty we see

what glee is there in half empty?

simply plenty

So many things fill up the empty space we see

The small butterfly under the rotten tree

the ashes of destruction create beauty 

grasp the faithful in baleful

not mad or hateful

choose tasteful

Love and pain flow through the world

yet pain can result in

a new hardened spine

A heart full of love

A vine bond by putting ourselves above

no longer focusing on 

being proud of, sick of, rid of, or part of

A promise that at every turn

there is a blossom of hope

A blossom of awesome



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Our world
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