You focused on the black and white of the keys

I focused on the sound of notes

Dancing through the air, creating a storm, only to finally rest

Making up the shape of your face.


You focused on the movements of your fingers

I focused on the curve of your brow,

The soft shape of your eyelids, the way the corners of your mouth

Ever so slightly slanted upwards into a soft smile.


You focused on the rhythm driven into your skull

I focused on memorizing you,

Every single detail; your eyes, your freckles, the way your hair

Curls down to rest just above your eyelashes.


You focused on the shape of the notes

I focused on the way you danced so slightly

Shifting from side to side, rocking yourself gently, something so small

You’d have to be in love to notice it.


You focused on the feeling in the room,

I focused on the memories of your heartbeat

The way I could feel you breathing only the day before, the soft memory

Of your lips against mine.


So my love, as you focused on the music,

I focused on you. I focused on your life,

And to answer your question, yes. You help my life more

Than you will ever truly understand.


And my love, while you were focused on the music,

I couldn’t help but noticing the way

Your eyes seemed to be closed as you played, even though I knew

They were wide open, concentrating.


Oh, my love, in those few moments of focus,

With your closed eyes and half smile and beautiful

Soul, you completely completed me. You were what I focused on

Because there was nothing that could compare.



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