she leaves behind tiny sketches on the glassy surface

each new move cutting a path in the layer of not-quite-yet-frozen water.

she is pioneering, forging,

glowing with joy

etching a way into her own heart.



she is making figure eights across the ice.

she is drawing


her own story

in sharp turns and

whirlwind spins.



this is her passion—she belongs

on this surface

sliding around

falling down 

getting up 

messing up 

narrating her story as a graceful




of the ice.  



a figure skater.

with glittering blades under her feet,

violin music

and Tara Lipinski in her head. 



her heart soars wildly

her blood bubbles with exhilarating adrenaline 

yet her body is fluid 

be spontaneous, her voice whispers


create with your energy.


just be.






she is improvising, inventing, investing, inspiring,




with open arms she hugs the wind

giving in


and flying


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