Fly Away with Me

Fly away with me my love, 
You were sent to me from the one up above. 
You brought me sunshine when I only saw rain, 
You brought me laughter when I only felt pain. 
God broke the mole when he created you,
I thank God daily for sending me someone like you. 
Together we can accomplish anything, apart we're nothing
Often wondering why you're so kind, caring, gentle and loving.
I will never understand why you love me so much,
Your love can be felt with every kiss, hug and touch.
You are an amazing person, without God and you I don't know where I would be,
Having you in my life, completes and fulfill every part of me
Someone I hold close, dearly and cherish greatly.
How can I repay you for all that you've done,
My life became complete, the day we became one.
Since I met you, my whole world has changed,
Only God knows the previous hurt I have sustained.
I never thought in a million years I would ever love again,
God allowed us to cross paths, you became my husband, help meat and best friend.
Fly away with my love, my ray of sunshine,
Knowing that you love me, makes me feel so alive. 



This poem is about: 
My family


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