Have you heard of

the kid who left the

highest ranked school

in the state, because

he was shelled by 

bullies? And where

he went? Well, he

was being stood up

for- originally.

How about that kid

who people appear

to like, only for

the bomb to drop on you

once she leaves and

you learn that you

were the only person

to stick up for her?

Or appreciate her?

If there is one truth,

a bit of life lingering,

that can be found amidst

the chaos and confusion,

it is that the aircrafts

of the other side exist only

because their resources

are lacking- they think

the victims geographic markers-

their passions, enthusiasm,

and grace, are something

their country happens

to be lacking.

So if you happen to

trot past the ruins of

their ruined ego,

wringle around inside

and dig through the strewn

litter. It may cut and

you may bleed and sting

but you are guaranteed

to discover something

that flys just a bit

faster than the rest,

with a bit of grease.




This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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