Flu season

Hi, I'd like to make an appointment

I've been feeling ill for a day or two

My thermometer's not working right but

I think I have the flu


I'm stuffed up and feel bad all over

My muscles ache 

My eyes hurt too

I've been so fatigued I can't go to work

I think I have the flu


My nose has been running like crazy

I know the season's almost through

But Doctor, I never did get the vaccine

I think I have the flu


I've taken decongestants


Cough suppressants


And chicken noodle soup

But none of it works

I need something stronger

I think I have the flu


I just hope it's not some weird mutation

From my last visit to the zoo

I'd hate to be patient zero

Of some new deadly flu


What do you mean the test came up negative?

I'm sick! I'm telling you

My friends only just got better

I think I have the flu


You're saying it's all in my head not

But that's wrong

It can't be true

I'm not depressed, I've got no reason

I just think I have the flu


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