The Flowers Will Blossom

Everything in life is awesome

In the spring time the flowers will blossom.

The birds will return and chirp all day

And every kid will wanna go out and just play,

Only problem is that school is still in session

But no worries cause we're gonna ace every single lesson.

Summer time is gonna come along and time to have fun with your friends

You're gonna go to the beach, the park, and even go shopping for the latest clothing trends,

Some people are gonna get summer jobs and the hours are gonna go by real slow

That's really okay cause when school rolls around again you're gonna have some cash to blow.

The Autumn leaves are gonna fall and football season will be here

You're gonna go to the pep rally and cheer on your school loud and clear.

Homecoming is gonna come along and you're gonna want to ask that special someone to dance

You'll be nervous, but trust me life is what you make of it so don't leave it to chance.

Winter is gonna come around and some people don't like it but I disagree

Please look around, you've got friends and family who love you, that's the truth, not just poetry!

Be thankful for what you have and I'm telling you everything is awesome

Life is a cycle, so when the spring rolls around again, the flowers will blossom!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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