A Flower Planted in December

I was born in December of 96

A winter baby indeed

I am left handed, so strange as being the first girl to mommy

Three big brothers a father and a momma, but never a full house

So to prosper was a must

11 months later comes my Irish twin

My baby brother is my right hand mans

Its funny how I used to "Hate him"

but as we got older our bond stronger

I swear it feels like I made him

Grew up in the projects where the artist werent artist and the paint was blood

the brush as a gun

and the pastel as the young angels

Never knew poverty was a struggle because I wanted for nothing

High honor roll, lunch with the mayor

exceeding test scores, school was my major

Somehow I still couldnt escape the statistics of a young black girl

born and raised in the 3rd world

A flower cant grow without soil, remember?

So I made my own foundation

Even though I get unfocoused 

My main focus is to make it to post-secondary schooling

graduate with a couple of majors

Make six figures and then some

Then maybe, just maybe

The sun will shine much brighter on the flower that was planted in December


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