Flower Bomb



To outsiders I’m just a simple, plain wallflower.

But if you look a little closer, beyond the closed off petals

you’ll see that each petal tells a story with a little bit more power.

The first petal peels back and shows that I’m just like a sunflower.

My head is tilted towards the sky, never wavering and constantly dreaming,

visualizing my next adventure, the radiance of me beaming.

The second petal reveals that I’m just like a carnation.

I’m a little impulsive and a little too curious,

but I’m open to the world and that feeds my constant fascination.

Pull back a few more petals and you’ll quickly find out that I’m just like a daffodil.

I’m in tune with others and good at sensing what others feel.


But like a rose, I have thorns of defense that keep outsiders away, just in case.

Like a flower in a tumultuous downpour I have taken a few hits.

There’s a big cloud of doubt that hangs over me threatening to never let the sunlight in.

Some days its darkness drowns me until my fragile stem threatens to bend.

I haven’t yet pulled the curtains back and let the world in because I’m cautious and a little afraid.

I’m afraid the heavy raindrops of judgment will fall over me and slowly wilt my petals.

I’m afraid the tumbling winds of rejection might blow me away from my delicate foundation.


But one day, I know this curtain will disappear.

The suppressing clouds, raindrops, and winds will evaporate into thin air.

The sun will splay its encouraging rays on the lone flower pushing it to fully sprout.

The wallflower will be free to do whatever it wants without fearful backlash or doubt.

No more obstacles will rain on its parade, and It will grow stronger.

Because like a flower in the awakening of spring, my petals will bloom and burst just like a flower bomb.

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