The Flower

Maturity is a flower

When nurtured it can blossom and thrive

But when that flower is constantly stepped on

How do you expect it to survive

I was bullied all my life

Something that is sad but true

My world was very dull

All I could see was a dark shade of blue


I did not like the person I saw in the mirror

She was hideous for sure

Because I did not love myself

I did not feel that I could truly mature


When you finally grow up

You have a sense of self

I did not know who I was because of the torment

I did not have that luxury or that wealth


I did not mature until my senior year of high school

Because the majority of my life was the same old song

I would not change the person I was

Because someone would always treat me wrong


During senior year, I learned that I was beautiful

And that my future was bright

I was blind for so long and now

I can finally see the light


This once crushed flower began to blossom

It has everything it needs in order to grow

This flower is now mature

And has finally found its glow


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