Am I supposed to think inside your box?

Then I wouldn’t get outside of mine

You think you can control me?

Hold me?

Entrap my inner being?


I refuse.

I will not.

Who do you expect me to be?

Her? Or maybe her? Or her?

They’re cloned.

Am I supposed to hide behind that artificial mask they call makeup?

Makeup. To make up. Fabricate. Fabrication. Lies.

I will not be another number.

Another clown face.

Don’t think for a second that I’m staying around to watch you – them – you all


Something’s coming

Maybe reality?

Maybe compassion? Sacrifice? Chivalry? Honesty? Sincerity? Nobility?


I don’t know.

I seek to find out.

When it comes and takes your people in its flood,

You will have no army.

And I. Will be strong.


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