The Flood

Suddenly, I was awakened.

The fear of the unknown engulfed me.

It hit me.

The flood was here.

The water at the door step stared me in the face;

Urging me to breakdown and let the fear flood in.


Suddenly, I was awakened.

Awakened to the destruction of the murky waters.

Gazing across miles of still water that surrounded

All that I loved.

Braves souls secured my family and I in a boat.

Drifting across the yard, wondering how this all happened.

Drifting through my thoughts, wondering when normality would return

Through the pounding of the rain upon my face, I saw the lights.

The lights that would bring me to safety.

We arrived.

We were wading through the water toward the lights.

I felt the memories of every home floating past me in the water.

We clambered into the rescue truck.


Suddenly, I was awakened

Observing everything around me as we slowly

Maneuvered through the flooded city.

A barren wasteland surrounded us.

Every store front lying dead beside the street.

We arrived.

Finally, a place where we could rest.


Suddenly, I was awakened.

Hundreds of lost souls wondering

around the shelter.

We were shown to our cots.

As I lied there staring at the ceiling,

A wave of emotions crashed over me.

I wept.

Finally, I realized the intensity of this disaster.

The hard cot reminding me that it can only go up from here.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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