Flew away

Fri, 07/17/2015 - 10:01 -- Avidity

When you flew away from me
In vain, I slaved to get you back
My life was dull and grey again, the charms of Red and White were no more around;

You flew so fast that you revved up to speed of light
In vain, I tried stopping you but you were too fast
I wish you stayed back;

No more shots of chemicals flow through my brain as you flew away
It's merely dead now
Only, you can bring life back to it;

Why did you come to break my faith?
Will I ever love again? I can't explain this grief now
You introduced me to heartaches and tears;

It's crushing me alive
Will I ever feel again?
I watch the stars to put me to sleep. I feel alone;

I am trying to forget you
I can't let you slip through my mind
I never expected this to be my fate.

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