I am Fletcher

Pronounced, FL-ETCH-UR, rhymes with stretcher, something I chose for myself

I am a Boy

Despite what my parents or my body might say

I am a Survivor

Of my mothers open hand, of my own mind, of societies disapproval

I am a Student

Taking advanced classes, placing my future in my grades, having a breakdown after breakdown

I am a Person

Making mistake after mistake, hoping to find my meaning somewhere in the haze

I am a Mistake

The result of a single decisive action, a 9 month then 18 year burden, a detour or road bump 

I am an Author

Of short stories, essays, this poem, and my life.

I am Me

Fletcher, a Boy, a Survivor, a Student, a Person, a Mistake, an Author 


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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