I am more than flesh and blood

More than made of mud

But you burn me like firewood

Not a hint of compassion in your gaze

Neither your heart sways

As you taunt and mock me

Your face lit with sadistic glee

Forgetting that you are a human

More than man and woman

You can misunderstand me

You can prejudge me

But I am a person not an amusement

I do not exist for your judgement

I am not a flower nor a butterfly

Neither lurking like a hidden lie

I am the truth which you cannot deny

Heard once you cannot falsify

I don’t have to show what I am made of

Nor do I have to tell you what I am capable of

For I have a brain just like you

I breathe, I live and die like you

Your talent is to be applauded

Mine is to be downgraded

I could be skilled as well as you

Skills are not an inheritance only to be owned by you

You seek to silence my voice if I protest

As you’ve got the addiction to stay abreast

Feeding your ego like a man possessed

And thriving on degrading me like an obsessed

I am a shrieking banshee If I talk back

You are a musician’s sonata if you lash back

I am a willful child if I get angry

Your anger is dismissed like a teenager’s puberty

If I ever feel hurt by your words

My cry goes unheard

Your pain is expensive like a diamond to be shown off

Mine is like a speck of dust, flicked off

First you determine my boundaries

And if I feel lost and helpless you sneer & tease

Forgetting that I was made equal to you like Adam & Eve

Your weaknesses are to be hidden beneath your macho label

Mine are to be mocked as if they are a coward’s fable

You push me down like a bully when you pick a fight

And like a sadist laugh & enjoy my plight

If I am made of something different than you, tell me?

If I am a specie, or an alien to be dissected than tell me?

For I am on my own

Not just skin and bones

Neither above you nor beneath your self

I am not an ornament to be put on shelf

I am more than flesh and blood

More than made of mud

And I won’t be nipped in the bud


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I really really appreciated this poem. I loved the rythm and I think you could make a great rap ot of it.

Martha Afrogirl


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