Grimy slimy sticky

I crawl out of my skin

He touches me and flames ignite

It burns like satan’s saliva

that I swallowed some seconds ago;

dazzling and dizzying


These memories once alive,

Now rotten.

The face of my past-

slithering towards me

shattered, fractured into pieces.

The memory like glass

Shattering and stabbing

In waves, then all at once


‘Tis sweet, ‘Tis sweet

The sweet smirnoff sliding down my throat

No warning of my consequence;

of what was yet to come

Was I,

Infatuated or just empty

My fault either way.

My sin.

My punishment.


Look to my gaze

But they don't realize

I want to scream or sigh,

but I don't let them hear.

Cherry pit,

Stuck in my throat

I can't gulp it down-

The mountain of grief


I couldn't have them looking at me

Picking and prodding

Eyes on me

On my thighs

In my head

Trying to understand


I traded sanity for penetrating piercing pleasure

No traces, No blood

Why do I feel it

Stuck in there

Get this outta me

This hurts, this hurts


I don't cry I don't whisper a sound

Because then they'd see me

They'd know

And I can't bear

Another to feel

This skin

Grimy slimy sticky


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