My skin crawls

I sink from the inside out

Like bricks fill my lungs

There is peace in my fingernails

There's escape in sleep


My thoughts hide behind my brain

And tie my tongue

Swearing to kill it if it reveals too much

My nirvana is in my pillow

My mind has aged much too quickly

My body is left behind

My, my, my


First friendships are just last goodbyes

The darkest places make the best shelters

I can be alone

See my thoughts in the dark

A visual display of agony

My own horrific puppet show


Sunlight hurts my eyes

I am on the spot, ashamed

They tailor my wrecked skin

Yet I am left with shiny pink reminders

These reminders send me to hell

Where I used to be, where I still am

I am warped to the February evening

When the job was not done right 

Slow healing will not let me forget


I am too young to think this way


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