Fleeing Angels

My Angels fled

As my Demons grew stronger

The slowest was killed

And now I’m all alone

It’s a losing battle

I might as well call it a lost battle

I gave up before the Angels ran

And that was a while ago

I gave up when I lost the feeling of love

Because people forgot to that I needed it too

Nobody remembers the hopeless girl

They don’t want to

It makes them sad


At least they have to be made sad

They don’t have to deal with the constant lack of feeling


The demons are whispering again

I don’t think they ever stop

I just got used to blocking them out

But it’s two AM

And I have no distractions left

Just Me

And the demons on either shoulder

Both agreeing

That what I suspected is true

No Hope

No Love

No Joy

No Fear

Just Pain

I miss my angels

But they’re never coming back


This poem is about: 
Our world


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