My flaws aren’t as subtle as some others

It’s obvious that I rarely stop moving

That I can’t sit still or stand still as easily as others

That while I’m at attention I can’t stop twisting my body and then getting back into the right place

It’s obvious that I have some trouble with people

I either hate you or love you there is no in between

And rudeness is a given sometimes even though I try my best to be kind

The way I dress is hideous three fourths of the time

I can’t hear myself speak sometimes so I yell in people's ears by accident

Or I start suttering my words

I am clumsy

I can’t go five seconds without falling or tripping

My voice can’t decide what to do, if it wants to be English or Irish or high or low

I love writing but I can’t seem to finish a book

I always seem to screw up when it comes to people

I am always doing something

I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut

I rarely do my homework on time

I am very freaking needy

I can’t go an hour without talking or texting someone

And after that my brain decides to go from Halloween to horrible cramps and complaining to I should paint my nails

Cause that makes freaking sense brain!


But the thing is while most people see these as flaws

I see them as traits

Flaws are ierealitve

They don’t exist

They are a concept we’ve made up

So people keep on going counting my flaws

My inability to grow up, my inability to actually do good on a test

I keep counting my traits

My confidence, my ability to sing and make people laugh

Because my flaws aren’t real

They are a part of me

And parts live and die

One day maybe I won’t be clumsy

Maybe I’ll have a family and won’t be like a little kid anymore

My traits make me, me

And I wouldn’t trade them for the world


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