Flawlessly Me

Is it the way I dress

or the way I'm seen

that makes me

so flawlessly me?


Is it how I do my hair

or the way people stare

that make flawless

so hard to believe?


While people may talk

and people may chatter

about my very design.


Throughout the years

my own version of flawless

is what I've come to find.


It is not the skin I wear

nor the clothes I don

that make flawless me.


It is the love I give

and the hard work I put in

and my ever carefree style.


It is the worry I feel

for everyone I see

and the hugs

I give for free.


It is the passion I have

For life in all forms

and the undying respect

for anyone I ever meet.


My flawless comes

from deep within

not readily seen

upon my skin.


But flawless still

is what I am

just as you

are flawlessly you.


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