Flawless......God Made It


a) Your ugly!!

b) Thank You!!!!


a) Your too skinny?

b) Thank You!!


a) You will never amount to anything!!

b) Thank You!!!


a) You come from a broken home. Your family is poor, pathetic and ungrateful. Your parents are nothing but common folks.

b) Thank You!!!


a) Your not suppose to say thank you. Your suppose to be insulting me, crying, fighting back or something. What's wrong with you?

b) Why tolerate ignorance? Your an insecure person that has nothing better to do than just stand there and try your best to get me upset with your own sorrow.

b) I'M FLAWLESS!!! GOD MADE ME JUST THE WAY I AM AND YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT. I LOVE YOU, I RESPECT YOU, I TOLERATE YOU. I have dealt with my own insecurities and years of feeling small, but I have overcome it. Don't take my kindness for weakness and have a wonderfully, blessed day!!!


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