Flaw(LESS) Young Woman


People view me as four eyes,
But when I take those glasses off
it’s something about those chestnut brown eyes that sucks you in.
You began to take notice of this young woman’s other captivating features.
Like that natural hair; it’s so kinky and wavy.
To that deep caramel skin tone, so soft,
With the sweet scent of Coconut and Shea butter, reminds you of the candy butterscotch.
Oh, how could I forget about those full puckered lips?
That always has a snickering grin.
And those long legs that compliment that petite figure,
Not too small, not too thick; just the right fit.
Oh, but best believe there is still more to this young woman.
I am a go getter, and when I fall down,
I wipe off those tears and get right back at my goals like I never left them.
Ambitious- I’m out to get it at all cost.
Not just for myself, I do it for my family too.
They never let me experience struggle, so it’s the least I can do.
I admire working behind the scenes,
because I love viewing my finished products without disturbance.
Oh best believe there is still more to this young woman.
I got a spirit that captivates others, drawing them in like a whirl pool.
Seeking more to love then to be loved,
That’s why my sassiness sometimes bites because my soul is sensitive.
So no, I’m not perfect nor do I try to be.
My flaws and imperfections are what make me flawless, you see!

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