Flawless or Fake?

Tue, 12/16/2014 - 15:21 -- Aisha95

Is this makeup I wear,

the chemicals and compounds that I choose to hide my God given features behind,

the pigments, the colors, the glitter, the mask that I have grown use to,

is it really all a part of being flawless?

Is it just a mask that I wear to disguise my insecurities,

an effort to look like the airbrushed models that I see everywhere I cast my heavily lined eyes?

Has my effort to look "flawless" as possible made me into a grotesque fake Barbie?

Then I realize;

anyone can play with makeup and achieve a flawless face,

and diet to achieve a flawless figure,

but no one can ever have my crooked nose,

my lopsided eyes, 

my full lips,

these features are who I am and who will always be with me,

its best if I embrace them instead of running away.



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