Flawless Me

For me

I don't care

What are people thinking 

What are they doing 

I am flawless.


God had made me

In his own image

 He is perfect

So I am flawless


To tell the truth

I have seen people,

Who are better than I am.

They show their knowledge,

They show their goodness

I learn a lot from them

But I never lose myself for them

I am who I am

Because I am flawless.


I am the person 

Who know black and white

I would never

Defend myself

From what I am doing wrong

Because I am flawless

If I am doing wrong

I will punish myself hard

So later I would remember

And do the right thing

Because I am flawless


I would never

Listen to people,

Who are stupid

But think they're smart

Who can't even know

How to face their problems

But tell me 

What should I do

Shut up

Oh no, stupid people

I know I am flawless, flawless, and flawless.


The end

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