Flawless Forever

What makes a person flawless?

Is it the way that the look? The way that they dress?

None of the above. 

Flawless is a term for everyone and not some, 

A terminology that can be defined in every person on this planet,

A definition of every soul on this earth,

It is a symbol of unity and equality. 

Everyone is Flawless Forever. 

Skinny, fat, short, tall, thin, wide, it doesn't matter. 

Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown, or Pink, 

It doesn't matter. 

What makes a person flawless is the heart on the inside. 

It is the sense of strength, character, and love that they have for themselves, 

And for others, 

And that is flawless. 

I am Flawless Forever. Are You? 



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