Flawless Baby

Yeah baby I'm flawless like diamonds on my ring shimmerin in the sunlight, 

flawless enough to look in the mirror loving every physical feature: curve, curl, color on my body, 

loving myself to also see all the mental work I put in to become flawless, 

and it's not an egoistic thang honey...  Oh no, its love for myself no matter what others say, 

people who look down on me don't phase me, only make me smile cause I'm flawless, 

Endurance paid off for all the effort I put into myself, present and future,

if only it were an easy task but my blood, sweat and tears brought me where I am now, 

can know one see me prosper? 

no because what people like to do is look at how flawed you are, 

they look at you and point out imperfection rather than perfection, 

but can anyone try an realize one's perfection in ones physical and mental mentality 

some maybe yes, but me in my eyes have learned to acknowledge myself as flawless 




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