Always wanted to be like the pretty girls

The ones who would have pretty curls.

Ones that had a soft voice

And in terms of boys, had a choice.

Never thought of the meaning of being unique

Always desired to buy everything from the boutiques.

Though I had regulations towards what I could wear

Just by my mothers facial expression towards clothes I wouldn’t dare.

Father would always say that I was beautiful

But I knew I wasn’t myself fruitful. .

Being pretty from the outside doesn’t frame you,

But I didn’t have a clue.

My eyes, the laughter of everyone,

My lips, the amusement of anyone.

How was I suppose to believe that I was pretty?!

I never had an answer from my kitty.

I would spend my night praying to wake up

And be able to apply makeup.

Not really all I wanted  was to be popular

Or at least, from those pretty girls be ocular.

What a funny past,

I promise you, it didn't last

Once I entered High school

I swear everyone thought they were cool.

One thing I will never forget

Is the day Lulu ( pretty girl) was full of sweat.

What a horrible tragedy

Since she believed she had lost her vanity.

Many situations made realize the actual meaning

Meaning of what? Well the meaning of feeling.

What feeling? Well love

It was something I never thought will be above.

Until till I met the one

The guy that would not expect me to have some buns.

Yeah it was in 11th grade

When I had a year not using that blade.

I believed I was beautiful and unique

I swear from that day on I didn’t desire to buy clothes from the boutique

He makes me believe I am flawless

And so I think I could be the great Wallace.

No I don’t want to be a pretty chick

Its like a horse the owner flicks.

You might offend me I could care less

Like the great Beyonce says I am Flawless.



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