I am perfect, maybe not by your standards but when I look at my reflection I cant see a single blemish or imperfection. Just extentions of my identity. Sure I have a slouch, i have zits and bad hair days. I certainly go about things in interesting ways. Sometimes i blow things out of proportion, because my mind is always a contortion; a twisted piece of matter bending in every direction. I always aim to please but usually find that I'm not at ease. My brain is used to stretching but my body can't keep up. Asthma has always held me back, and given true meaning to the phrase "choked up." But those are the attributes that make me, me. Those are some of the things that define my identity. Somewhere there is a remedy to make my appearance more aesthetical pleasing, but That is  something i do not need. I'm beautiful on the outside because of these things. I am and always will be very unique. I'm confident, I'm smart, I'd like to think I'm funny. What's beneath the skin is infinitely more important. The true qualities reside within. Every individual has something beautiful to offer. If you can't find what that is then look a little longer, every struggle and failure has made you stronger. From this day forward I will never let negativity get the best of me, From this day forward I will not give the time of day to insecurity. Every face you see has an equally intricate story. Behind every pair of weary eyes lies the winding path we've paved. Every tear shed, every smile, every nod and wave all mixed into the pot and spun. Every last experience melted down and combined into one. A cement like mixture, gluing together each brick that is our achievements. Sadly we don't have enough time to watch it dry.Onward I must move, I may not finish but I at least have to try. One day when we look back we will see the true beauty. This path is our masterpiece, abstract in a way. Its so much more than just what's infront of your face. Take a step back and see the bigger frame. No filters, No Effects, Its all completely raw. I don't know about you, but I cant find a flaw.


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