I woke up like this... 


Except I didnt

I worked hard for this


I am a an ant.

Small, meaningless, expendable.

Afraid of being stomped on by him

For he is greater than I

Stronger than I

Greater than  I

Smarter than I

More liked than I

More confident than I

In every way, greater than I

And I am less than him


Except I'm not


He used to step on me

Spit on my self-esteem

Kick and call me names

Shame me for who I am

Until I said Stop


I am the man that pushes me into despair

I am the man that spits on my face

I am the man that taunts me in my sleep

I am the worthless ant


Except I'm not


I am Flawless

Not because I have no flaws

But because these flaws dont define me

They are a part of me

Not all of me


I am Flawless 

Because by embracing my flaws 

I grow as a person

The once worthless, expendable ant

has become queen bee


I  am not worthless

I am worth more than I know

I am Flawless

Because I'm perfectly, imperfect.

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