"Google define 'Flawless' "

"without any blemishes or imperfections; perfect."

"Google is being flawless worth it?"

*gives you the definition of flawless all over again*


Flawless? no imperfections?

This poem can go in so many directions.

I'm suppose to type about how perfect I am.

But, It's hard because that's not who I am.


What I say is not 'Flawless', I usually stutter.

If your older, I have my head down and usually mutter.

What I write is not 'Flawless'. I usually scratch out words.

In a point in time, I stopped writing because writing is for 'nerds'.


What I perceive is not flawless, but it's flawless in your eyes. 

But I realize that real eyes are real lies.

Flawless is something you have to achieve.

Like almost everything, you have to believe.


How am I 'Flawless'?

I don't think I am, but I have to wrap up this poetry slam.

Everyone I know might say I'm flawless in everyway.

But, me calling myself flawless? that'll be the day.











This is actually amazing. I have a lot of practice untill I can write something like this




I hope I can inspire someone with this poem.

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