" Flavour of Poetry"

I Write my poems freely on the walls of the room

By looking natural sky through window's eyes,

The stars may add their beauties so me bloom;

My face is flattened as lonely air that flies.

The moon doth give me courage let me write;

It's phases embellish poems fully bright.

Poetic feelings swell as sweat at night

That sews my poems fairy rhyming scheme,

And travels my fancies faster than the light,

To float my room and travels in space or dream:

My room is looking travel machine of time,

Reminds me time dilation of great Einstein.

I write my poems when I play with moths

Some falls on books to right my meter's tone,

The whisper ears of night that flows motifs;

They dance, rejoice and love my poem's tune!

My poems asked if was I really free,

Perhaps I poet, people me calls Rafi.

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