The Flame

The heart, frostbitten, cries out for an ounce of comfort, kindness, compassion, consolation- consideration.

People, without empathy, pick, prod, panic, probe, pry, peel,  push, and pull.

These people cause you pain- pain that is cold and crisp and cuts you like a knife.

The universe, unpredictable, makes you feel unlucky, useless, unhappy, ugly, yet uplifted, unique- unstoppable.

The universe is uncertain to you. This uncertainty is slippery, sweet, and sentimental.

Loved ones, with compassion, leave you with life, laughter, lessons, light, and love. 

Loved ones are the flame that thows the ice, tranquilizes the pain, and treasures the heart. 

This flame responsds to the heart's cries with comfort, kindness, compassion, consolation, and consideration.

The flame will eternally burn unless extinguished.

You only get one flame, and if you extinguish it, all that's left is a deep, dense, and dark distance.

Do not extinguish your flame.

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Our world
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