Flagler, My Dream


United Kingdom
55° 22' 40.9836" N, 3° 26' 9.5028" W
United Kingdom
55° 22' 40.9836" N, 3° 26' 9.5028" W

Every time I walk through the gates,

I walk into a dream,

A dream that pushes me through time,

This dream forcesme to see both past and future,

It show's me happiness,

This dream fills me with glee.


Every time  walk through the doors,

My mouth drops

I let out a gasp before I confidently go,

I go to the one imperfection,

That is like a pinch,

This imperfection makes sure it is not a dream.


Every time I leave,

I leave a piece of my heart,

It will return to me however,

Filled with glee,

I am sure of that.


Every time I remember it,

I remember when I was nine,

When I saw it,

The first time and I decided,

No matter what,

I would go here.


Every time I want to give up,

To lose hope,

To think it as a dream,

Just a dream,

I remember my promise.


No matter what,

I wll return that piece of my heart,

I will be filled with glee,

Forever more.



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