Fixing America

This morning of July 9, 2016 I woke up to find social media saying goodbye to our “Five blue blooded brother”

And this is a response.


I can name 15 people off the back of my hand killed by police brutality.

I can name so many men and women killed unjustly for the color of their skin

And these people on social media are trying to tell me these 5 lives matter more than the hundreds of people killed a year in cold blood for nothing more than the color of their skin

You tell me these 5 cops matter more than an entire race

And this post on social media has the nerve to call these protestors nothing more than hoodlums and trouble makers, Call them “No good sons of bitches” “lazy” and “Craving a race war”

We as americans were given the right to protest

We were given the right to speak our minds and say what's wrong and to fix it if we had to

If a white person uses these rights they’re just doing their duty as an american

When a black person uses these rights they’re seen as a trouble maker.

But all I see is a revolutionary

I see someone trying to fix a corrupt system

Because our system is so corrupt

And everyone is asking when we got this way

But in reality, we built it this way.

The ink that came out of James Madison's pen made it this way

Our founding fathers made it this way

It’s always been this way

So it isn’t the 2 men killed in July 2016, or the people killed in the last year, or the last 5 years, or 10 years, and so on. It’s all the black people ever killed from the time we became a country.

And now, here, in 2016, we need to fix it.


When you fix the foundation of a house you put support all around the house to make sure it doesn’t collapse in on itself because if it does the entire structure could be ruined.

And I hate to tell you but America is the same way.

If we continue to lack support, if we give up, or if some of us ignore the issue

The issue will never be fixed

The structure will crack at its core and the whole thing will be ruined


And others say all of us should stop trying to fix it

Well here’s another option for a broken foundation.

You wait too long to fix it and you have to tear the entire house down and build a new one on a brand new foundation

And you sure as hell aren’t going to hire the people who built the first one because they’re the ones who messed up in the first place


So all I want to ask the American people is

Would you rather be a support to fix a system you love

Or be a soldier in the war to make a new one


This poem is about: 
My country



Very powerful I love your poem.

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