~Fix My Broken Heart~

January 20, 2015

I got my first broken heart broken heart

I was only 16

I waited in that room for my heart's keeper

When he arrived he was dressed in all black like a Reaper

I walked up to him and he reached into my chest

Blood ran down my shirt and created a mess

I did all I could do said all I could say

But nothing I tried made the pain go away

His hand wrapped around my heart

He twisted and pulled until it fell apart

He took one step back then walked away

I still have those scars to this very day

I tried to mend the wound but it was useless

I wanted to beat him down till he was toothless

I gave him my love, my heart, my soul

He had another; at least that's what I'm told

As I think of how he treated me like old merchandise

Tears begin to fall from my eyescrying

Every time I think I've mended my heartheart

Someone comes along and tears it apartbroken heart

Maybe one day it won't fall apartheart

Maybe someday someone will fix my broken heartbroken heart

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