fist day musings


Shocked and surprised at my sister crying,
Wary over the extravagance of my roommates,
OCD about the comforters not touching the floor,
Bemused over the only store available within walking distance
- Walgreens.
Sweating over first outing with 2/3rds of roommates,
Worried still about my career choice, 
Overwhelmed about the various choices over various topics,

Bewildered over flattened animal on sidewalk,
Missing my car, Tobey, 
Envious of long boarders while I still trying to keep balance,
Thinking the walking distances might replace my workout schedule,
Everyone's staring at me! 
No one's looking at me.
Where's my class? 
- Oh, there it is.
Sitting in front of class for an hour and a half, 
Afraid to look up from this.
Finally looked up and realized to go in

There are no desks where are the- 
Oh there they are, hidden inside the arms of the millions of chairs.
Sitting in the back,
Moving to the middle. 
Thinking to take out textbook
Take out notebook and pen,
Put on nerves, take out playtime. 
And thus begins my university career. 


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