Fish Don't Need Bicycles

Man comes from a woman,
Learns his tongue from a woman
So I don’t get why he still lies to his woman
Maybe it’s because mendacity starts with men,
This has been the trend for thousands of years.
Since the dawn of time, women have been treated
As if they were only worth what came from their wombs
Having heads cut off if they produced one of their own, only
Kept alive for an heir to the throne
Who would eventually treat them as if their lives were not a continuous knot,
Forever entangled…
And maybe its gotten better, but
I still wonder as I wander through these halls
Why we women struggle with our images, allowing men
To meddle with our minds
Being told that beauty is one face, one color, one body
Too long
Have we been pushed underneath these requirements,
forced into brass neck rings and tiny lotus shoes
All for the amusement of men
Too long
Have we been placed into kitchens and back rooms,
Forced with the brooms and dustpans, for man’s pleasure
Too long have we gone on without a voice, a choice
Because his story never lets us know herstory except to say
Tales of her beauty and grace,
Never accomplishments,
as if women are too dense
to be equal to men,
But I don’t understand, it doesn’t make sense,
Because last. I. Checked,
the Greek Goddesses were not limited to only those who weighed under one twenty.
Sure, we all know about love, beauty, and passion, but we seem to forget
The hunt, the hearth, the health and home, and
What about Athena, and all she stood for?
Wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill
No one ever told HER to get back in the kitchen
What happened since then?
When came the command that told us we couldn’t take a stand?
Too long were we without rights,
Nevermind the fourteenth amendment, it took nineteen and a world war until women became actual citizens of our great, liberty loving nation, and
Ten years after February was given to African Americans, congress devoted March to the history of women, but
It’s funny because,
When I open my mouth,
Most guys tell me to make. Them. a sandwich, as if
That’s the only thing we’re good for, as if
That’s what we should stick to, as if
Frida Khalo, Betty Friedan, Simone De Beauvoir,
All meant nothing?
Do they not understand that
We are the trees of life,
Holding firmly to the soil surrounding our roots,
Not allowing for decay, dismay
Spreading our branches to oxygenate the air
And Without us, the world would fall apart?
It’s common sense,
but men don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die, well,
I won’t listen to anything with two heads that still doesn’t know how to think.
We were on the brink
Of a breakthrough,
Tottering on our bound feet,
Our elongated necks almost able to reach the equality,
But we stopped caring, and I can tell because
Facebook is now flooded with low cut shirts and photoshopped faces,
Reality pushed away, disguise replaces
All traces of natural beauty
And objectifying ourselves is our main priority…it’s sad.
So, this is a call to action.
This needs to stop.


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