First traumas

Tue, 09/14/2021 - 15:43 -- RC4

Heads messed up ptsd, agriphobia, phycosis
People look right through me and don't even notice
Thought process muddled can't even focus
Use don't even know this

Been down dark paths drugged up homeless
Even tried to take life leave my self soulless
Broken homes and beatings left my self goaless
Use never felt real coldness, that's why I flow the coldest
Just know, take notice and maybe note this
I was popping pills when I wrote this
Voices in my head make the world feel hopeless

Downwards depressions like Chester Bennington
Ptsd like charlize theron
Phycosis like Charles buddy bolden
Where was Use when it was the streets I was roaming
Family disowning
Dad was controlling
Always moaning
Threw me out in nothing but my clothing
Walking to my mates black and blue soaking
Cause it was gonna end bad all the pushing amd provoking
When it comes to mental health theres no joking

Hate bully's pushing and poking
Was enough hiding bruises under clothing
Was scared to oppose him
No wonder why people need diagnosing
Young brain decomposing
Hands round ma neck choking
For catching me smoking
School grades going down sloping
Young suicide wasn't coping
Everyday closer to my first roping

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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