The First Natural Law


United States
25° 44' 9.6684" N, 80° 18' 56.664" W

You are the flowing and the firm,
The flaming and the frigid.
You are the fledging and the fossil,
The foolish and the foresighted.
You are the breath and the egress,
The cause and edge.
You are the writer and the scholar,
The soul and heart.
You are two poles synthesized as one,
Northeast by Southwest.
Existence is a paradox,
Yet somehow these ends attract.
The way love allures mass and time,
A pair of contradictions in harmony.
Like magnets at war,
Ions colliding, molecules repelling.
Clashing between our purity and atrocities,
Until one rids the Earth of the other.
But you still suffer this feeling,
The kind that resides deep within your own body.
You are the one and only,

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