First into Me

When your Born, you have a destiny
When you take your first step, your destined with applause
When your first day of school approaches, your mind wonders "Will I make Friends"
When you reach adolescence time, you discover your first crush not knowing that that blood that's flowing though your thrus has become that very heavy flow that will follow you until the pause
Lets not pause but wait until you experience your first kiss, accompanied by memories that will later be reminisced
Thinking back on those days when you felt like you had nothing left, freshmen year of college,
that man was nothing more but lusts
He took everything away from you just by a picture; that everyone shouldn't see
He didn't care, his actions showed "you really meant nothing to me"
What is love? Will I ever know, I thought I found the one but now I'm the one
Left standing here alone with everyone surrounding me with their love and support but how should I know its genuine if all I knew has been condensed
No I will not stand for none of this,
I am beautiful
I am that Tailor made
I am Me and that's al I need to be <3



I wrote the based on what mi heart feels. Each word has a meaning, Tell me what you think of FIRST INTO ME..

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