From the first hello to the last goodbye

But I won’t run after you

I won’t try to take you back

I won’t 

I never did and I never will

Because from the first hello I was ready for the last goodbye

You don’t get it

People always leave me

They come and go

Right when I feel hope

They let go

Right when I open up

It’s just too much

I rant too much

But how could I not?

There’s just so many things fucked up 

Both in my head and life

But you’ll help


You’ll understand


You’ll try to see how it is for me



I thought so

No one ever stays

No one ever will

I’ve come to peace with that

That’s why I’m willing to let go

It hurts

It pains me, sure

But even through all the suffering 

I’ll have you know

That I was and always will be grateful 

For your time and present 

Though we’re strangers again

Well be alright

Because there was never a day that I truly thought u would stay

Because from our first hello

I was ready for our last goodbye


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