First Farewell

Sat, 11/03/2018 - 15:32 -- ngopes

We wrapped a long length of red holy cloth around

his body, slung him between two green bamboo poles and

carried him to the edge of the Bagmati river.

We covered his cold nostrils with soft cotton balls and

placed six sacred beads of Rudraksha in his palm for moksha.


We lit a bunch of sandalwood incense and stuck their points

near his head. We threw a tong of rice on his chest and started

chanting mantras for the peace of his soul. I walked around

the pyre with a burning piece of wood and lit a handful of kindling

at his feet. The dry logs whooshed and the pieces of flesh 

sizzled and spluttered. The flakes of ashes flew off and fell on our heads.


Later, as the sun turned red on the horizon, we left the burning pyre

to go home.  I lit the old oil lantern and hung it up on a hook

from the balcony wall, its light barely filled the front yard. 

Near the window, my small brother kept on expecting for

Grandfather home soon from the farm with a bottle of

baby pots pedaling his rusty axon bicycle.




 with a bag of bonbon in the basket on the front of his bicycle.




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