First Crush

Tue, 12/10/2019 - 21:47 -- Psych0

I drank your poison, you stopped my breathin.
I have a confession, you were my first crush.
You'd always make me blush, and it felt like such a rush.
You were mean, but I thought it was okay.
Made a big scene, but I liked you anyway.
I would flirt, you shoved my head into the dirt.
I'd nudge, but you were too stubborn to budge.
I was annoying, and you were avoiding.
I kept my heart under the floor boards deep in the dark, Far away from yours.
I thought I'd give you space, but that didn't last long.
You still make my heart race.
My feelings for you are just too strong.
How do I show? how do I get through?
How do I let you know?
I would never, love another like you.

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